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Digital assurance accreditation - organisational benefits


At Global Digital Assurance we are familiar with the challenges organisations and governments face when selecting reviewers for digital assurance. When adopting more agile forms of delivery it can be expensive and a frustrating experience to employ the right reviewer. 

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Why professionals are seeking accreditation in gated digital assurance


At Global Digital Assurance we have developed gated digital assurance accreditation in partnership with leading government agencies and other industry recognised agile advocates. 

Digital assurance Australia

The value of digital assurance during the procurement stage


Digital assurance is a method of assessing and evaluating decisions and ensuring the digital transformation is on track to meet all key business outcomes. 

digital assurance australia

Digital transformation essentials


Through a successful digital transformation organisations can streamline workflow, ensure they are responsive to change, maximise ROI and increase profits. 

Gated digital assurance

The benefits of continuous gated assurance


The many benefits of gated digital assurance are the reason why so many organisations now take a proactive and independent approach to assuring their projects/programs. 

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A smart way to add value to your business case


One of the first key decision points within a project or program is the business case. A successful business case must demonstrate the viability of the project or program to secure investment or proceed further.  

Digital assurance for digital transformation

How to assure the success of your next digital transformation


Digital transformations can help organisations increase profitability, remain responsive to change, enhance the customer experience and automate workflows. But how do you assure the success of your organisation's digital transformation?

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Why digital assurance is essential to the success of your organisation


For your organisation to be successful, you need to ensure the success of your digital transformations. Here are 8 benefits of digital assurance practices within your organisation.

5 essential tips for digital transformation


While some businesses successfully navigate digital transformation, the majority fall well short. Here are five essential tips for digital transformation success.

7 keys to ensure project management success


Whether this is your first project, or you've been a project manager for years, here are 7 fundamental tips to help you increase the chance of project success.