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How to build an effective digital assurance team


With years of experience in the field of digital assurance, we have gained an excellent understanding of what it takes to build a successful digital assurance team. Here's a list of tips that we believe can be instrumental in creating an effective digital assurance team.

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Digital assurance 101: what is it and why is it critical in 2023


At Global Digital Assurance, we're in the unique position to witness the growing demand for digital assurance practices across various industries. We see that digital assurance is critical as it ensures that the digital transformation works as it is intended and delivers the expected results. 

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How to ensure the best ROI on your digital transformation


Technology is constantly evolving and organisations must stay ahead of the curve to remain relevant and competitive. Digital transformation has become a buzzword in recent years, but the actual value of digital transformation lies in strategically implemented processes that yield a significant return on investment. 

Digital transformation myths

6 Digital transformation myths debunked


With digital transformations getting more prevalent, certain myths and misconceptions have surfaced. Here at Global Digital Assurance, we believe it's essential to be able to separate fact from fiction, so here are a few of these myths debunked. 

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How to boost your career as a digital assurance expert


With more than 30 years in-house, top-tier assurance experience and through constant collaboration, the team at Global Digital Assurance has developed a suite of courses that tick all the boxes for digital assurance professionals. 

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Ensuring quality in a digital age: The vital role of digital assurance


Through digital assurance, program leaders can identify risks before they occur, minimise errors and improve decision-making at crucial stages of the project/program. It's a critical tool for ensuring a program/project functions as intended and necessary goals are met. 

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Is it time to upgrade your digital assurance skills? 


Upgrading your digital assurance skills will give you a deeper understanding of the principles and best practice methods for delivering agile assurance reviews, teach you how to adopt agile working approaches when delivering agile assurance reviews, how to assess and evaluate agile projects and much more. 

Digital assurance training australia

How to streamline your assurance reviews


For anyone without digital assurance skills, it can feel a little overwhelming.` To help you, here's a checklist that breaks down the four steps to undertaking a successful Global Gateway Assurance and Global Agile Assurance review. 

digital assurance australia

Why is digital assurance essential for long term organisational success?


Digital assurance is no longer just an 'option', it's critical in all realms of digital transformations. It plays an important role in safeguarding your organisation from a range of threats and helps to ensure project success.

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Digital assurance accreditation - organisational benefits


At Global Digital Assurance we are familiar with the challenges organisations and governments face when selecting reviewers for digital assurance. When adopting more agile forms of delivery it can be expensive and a frustrating experience to employ the right reviewer.