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Why digital assurance is essential to the success of your organisation


For your organisation to be successful, you need to ensure the success of your digital transformations. Here are 8 benefits of digital assurance practices within your organisation.

5 essential tips for digital transformation


While some businesses successfully navigate digital transformation, the majority fall well short. Here are five essential tips for digital transformation success.

7 keys to ensure project management success


Whether this is your first project, or you've been a project manager for years, here are 7 fundamental tips to help you increase the chance of project success.

What to expect from a digital assurance professional


In this ever changing business environment organisation leaders have to rethink the way they approach project management.

5 high-profile digital transformation fails


Despite huge investment approximately 70% of digital transformations fail. Here are a few examples of high-profile digital transformation and ERP project fails

Quality Assurance

Traditional Quality Assurance vs Digital Assurance


In today's increasingly digital and highly competitive marketplace, organisations need to ensure their products and services meet high standards and customer expectations. Here's why Digital Assurance is better suited to a modern environment.

The Ugly Truth About Why 70% of Digital Transformations Fail

The ugly truth about why 70% of digital transformations fail


Unfortunately, a huge proportion of technology projects fail to meet their desired outcome - in quality, time and/ or costs, with only about 30% of all digital transformations achieving success on all three dimensions.

What is an assurance professional

What is an assurance professional and why does my organisation need one?


Across the globe, industries are experiencing a wave of digitalisation and accelerated change. These professionals are the steady hand that help steer your project away from the rocks.

The growing demand for digital assurance professionals


We're witnessing a burgeoning need for world-class digital assurance, so organisations can take a forward-thinking approach to safeguard the outcomes of key projects and decisions.