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Defence set to embrace agile, reduce 'complex' IT projects


The Department of Defence is set to embark on fewer “concurrent complex, disruptive and expensive” IT transformations and rely more heavily on smaller, iterative IT capabilities in a shake-up of its investment planning processes. As a review of its decade-old IT operating model continues, the department has revealed plans to introduce a “rolling forward work program” to ensure its systems remain up-to-date and secure.

Project Assurance for a Lean-Agile PMO


Certain project assurance functions expect to see documentation, plans, review points and, in fact, so do some project sponsors. What happens when project teams adopt an agile delivery framework?  What happens when the expectations, tools and techniques used by traditional project assurance don’t ‘fit’ the agile model?

AIPM endorses the world's first agile assurance training course


ANZ Agile Digital Assurance® Professional training course, has been formally endorsed by the Australian Institute of Project Management, providing AIPM members, as well as program and project professionals, with simple access to the world's only accredited agile assurance reviewer training program and globally recognised accreditation.

Becoming an agile digital organisation


Customers have become accustomed to seamless and timely interactions with businesses, regardless of industry. For businesses to successfully engage customers they need to continually provide and optimise new experiences and services. Overall, it is the ability to be more competitive, leverage new business models to improve operations and see your company grow!

NSW govt sets $20m ceiling for digital work under $1.6bn scheme


The NSW government will dole out funding from its digital restart fund in up to $20 million “hits”, as the state continues its move towards a contemporary IT funding model. The new funding builds on an initial two-year investment of $100 million when the fund was established in last year’s budget to help the state move to a contemporary IT funding model.

Why Coles is turning to 'inclusive Agile'

Why Coles is turning to 'inclusive Agile'


Coles is moving to an inclusive agile approach for the way it develops and enhances over 200 digital assets, from websites and apps to kiosks and “assisted checkouts". The supermarket giant is using patterns and resources from the Accessibility Project - or A11Y - to guide its work on improving the digital experience for all users of its platforms.

Federal IT funding shake-up floated by Services Australia minister

Federal IT funding shake-up floated by Services Australia minister


Government Services Minister Stuart Robert has floated a fundamental shake-up of the federal government’s IT funding model, warning the current paradigm is “inhibiting” agile ways of working.

Critics and Critical Friends

Assurance as a critical friend


A critical friend is probably the closest to what might be regarded as true friendship; a successful merger of unconditional support and unconditional critique.

What is effective project governance?

What is effective project governance?


For organisations implementing business change, good project governance protects investment, provides assurance of successful delivery of strategic intent and the realisation of financial and quantifiable benefits to the main investment board.

How good Senior Responsible Owners volunteer!

How good Senior Responsible Owners volunteer!


Let's begin by defining the Senior Responsible Owner (SRO) role. That is, the programme or project owner who acts as the - single point of accountability - for the success or failure of transformational or business change.