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Our Vision

Assurance Best Practice

We are committed and passionately driven, to be recognised as the industry best practice for assurance reviewer training and accreditation.

We support this vision through the development of modernised and holistic methods for conventional gated assurance, agile assurance and hybrid assurance methods, which are more relevant and applicable to supporting individuals and organisations in the modern digital environment.

Assurance Training Excellence

We are driven to provide assurance professionals with simple access to innovative, world leading and on-demand assurance training programs.

To realise this vision, our team has developed a bespoke, intuitive and user friendly, on-demand training platform that enables us to provide assurance professionals and organisations with the most modern and up to date assurance training programs available - at a time and place that suits them best.

Globally Recognised Accreditations

We are focused on ensuring that assurance professionals are globally recognised for their accredited abilities to deliver assurance reviews for organisations in the modern digital age.

Through our annual re-accreditation programs, we support assurance professionals to maintain their assurance knowledge and ensuring ongoing best practice alignment. We provide private and public sector organisations with the confidence that their assurance reviews are delivered by globally recognised and accredited assurance professionals.

Industry Leading Partnerships

Through our partnering program, we continually strive to be endorsed as the industry standard for assurance reviewer training and accreditation.

Our partnering programs continually contribute to allowing us to bridge gaps in assurance expertise, draw upon industry leading assurance and training knowledge, provide invaluable feedback into our assurance training programs and enhance our commitment to industry best practice for assurance review delivery.

Continual Improvement Focus

We see continual improvement as critical to ensuring that we meet the needs of our business, as well as those of our reviewers, clients, suppliers, employees, partners and the broader assurance community.

Our continual improvement program is focused on improving the capability of meeting and satisfying our reviewers and clients needs. We are committed to not only improving our relationships with our stakeholders, but also to improve the effectiveness of our training, accreditation and management systems.

Customer Service Excellence

Our commitment to customer service excellence is underpinned by the by our philosophy of fairness, respect, integrity and responsibility - at all times.

We strive to design, deliver and maintain readily available, flexible, innovative, reliable, on-demand assurance training programs and industry leading accreditation, which meet and exceed our customers expectations.