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CPD Program


Commencing in late-2022, Global Digital Assurance accreditation will be re-accredited with an annual CPD digital badge. Accredited reviewers are required to log suitable CPD points within a 12-month period of their accreditation anniversary date. Depending on the accreditation type, reviewers will be required to annually log 40 or 60 CPD points, across a range of professional categories and activities.
  • Global Agile Assurance Professional - 60 CPD points
  • Global Gateway Assurance Review Team Member - 40 CPD points
  • Global Gateway Assurance Review Team Leader - 60 CPD points
  • Digital Assurance Business Owner - 60 CPD points

Activities and Points

Twenty points must come from the Assurance Review category, with remaining points earned from activities across the remaining categories. Each CPD category has an assigned value for each activity. Reviewers can select any of the remaining categories to accumulate and log the required CPD points.

  • Assurance Reviews - 5 CPD points per activity
  • Professional Experience - 10 CPD points per activity
  • Training and Qualifications - 10 CPD points per activity
  • Industry Participation - 5 CPD points per activity
  • Self Study - 5 CPD points per activity

Maximum Category Points

Each CPD category has a maximum level of CPD that can be logged within a 12-month period. These maximum limits ensure that ongoing professional development occurs across a range of categories and activities, actively promoting the acquiring of new skills, improving professional knowledge and enhancing the capabilities of our accredited assurance reviewers.

  • Assurance Reviews - mandatory maximum of 20 points
  • Professional Experience - maximum of 20 points
  • Training and Qualifications - maximum of 20 points
  • Industry Participation - maximum of 10 points
  • Self Study - maximum of 10 points

CPD Points Table