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CPD Program

The GDA Continual Professional Development (CPD) Program, supports our best practice standards and ensures that all assurance professionals maintain a verified commitment and dedication to ongoing professional development across the assurance spectrum, while strengthening their best practice foundations.

The CPD Program requirement applies annually to all GDA accreditations and digital badges, with 2-yearly CPD requirements for ‘Master-level’ accreditations. The program is a simple 3-step process, which allows all assurance professionals to enter, assess and log their CPD activities and secure allocated points towards verified re-accreditation.

Log-In to your dashboard

Simply log-in to your your GDA dashboard and select ‘My CPD’.

Select your accreditation

Identify and select your assurance accreditation that you would like to add a CPD activity to.

Add your CPD activities

Select a CPD category, add a subcategory, describe your CPD activity, and the benefit it provided you and submit. Our automated system will verify and respond.

Re-accreditation Process

Accredited assurance professionals and digital badge holders, are required to log suitable CPD points within a 12-month period of their accreditation anniversary date. Depending on the accreditation type, accredited professionals will be required to annually log 40 or 60 CPD points, across a range of categories and activities. Successful re-accredited assurance professionals will obtain a secure 'CPD' digital re-accreditation digital badge.
  • Agile Assurance Professional - 60 CPD points
  • Gateway Assurance Review Team Member - 40 CPD points
  • Gateway Assurance Review Team Leader - 60 CPD points
  • Digital Assurance Business Owner - 60 CPD points

Activities & Points

20-points must come from the 'Assurance Review' category, with remaining points earned from activities across the remaining categories. Each CPD category has an assigned value for each activity. Accredited professionals can select any of the remaining categories to accumulate and log the annually required CPD points.

  • Assurance Reviews - 5 CPD points per activity
  • Professional Experience - 10 CPD points per activity
  • Training & Qualifications - 10 CPD points per activity
  • Industry Participation - 5 CPD points per activity
  • Self Study - 5 CPD points per activity

Maximum Category Points

Each CPD category has a maximum level of CPD that can be logged within a 12-month period. These maximum limits ensure that ongoing professional development occurs across a range of categories and activities, actively promoting the acquiring of new skills, improving professional knowledge and enhancing the capabilities of our accredited assurance professionals.

  • Assurance Reviews - mandatory maximum of 20 points
  • Professional Experience - maximum of 20 points
  • Training & Qualifications - maximum of 20 points
  • Industry Participation - maximum of 10 points
  • Self Study - maximum of 10 points

CPD Points

Activity valuemaximum allowanceprimary categorysub-categoryvalid activities
520*Assurance reviewsExternal or independent
Internal or public sector
Led or or participated in gated assurance reviewLed or or participated in agile assurance reviewLed or or participated in other assurance reviews, including:deep-divestechnology or specialised reviewscyber security assurance reviewsInternally coordinated assurance reviews for an organisationManaged assurance reviews on behalf of an organisation
1020Professional experienceExternal or independent consultant
Internal or public sector
Portfolio, program or project management consultingEPMO/ PMO management, governance role or consultingProgram or project delivery team memberProgram or project delivery specialist (i.e.: risk manager, scheduler)Program or project owner (sponsor/ SRO/ AO/ product owner)EPMO/ PMO specialist (i.e: methods and tools, benefits manager)
1020Training & certificationsExternal
Assurance related training, accreditations or certificationsTertiary education (i.e.: graduate/ post-graduate/ masters/ doctorate)Qualifications from nationally or state accredited training organisationPeak industry associations awarded certificationsIn-house training and certificationseLearning courses, webinars or industry focused events/ broadcasts
510Industry participationActive
Active and registered member of peak industry bodyOrganising industry related events, forums, CoE's or working groupsManagement/ administration of industry related blogs or social media pageAuthoring or noted contributor to published industry related 'white paper'Authoring or noted contributor to industry 'thought leadership'Authoring or noted contributor to published industry related 'article'Authoring or noted contributor to best practice materials or guidesAttended industry event (i.e.: peak body conference, industry briefings)
510Self studyReading
Relevant and industry aligned books, manuals, publications, journal
articles, white papers, case studies, webcasts, podcasts or websites
Industry aligned 'on-line community' discussion forumsMember of industry aligned 'Centre of Excellence' or 'Community of Practice'Industry aligned 'blog' posts or RSS feed subscriberPersonal or professional improvement undertakings (i.e.: coaching, mentoring)


Re-Accreditation Fees

Best Practice AccreditationAccreditation LevelAnnual CPD Points RequiredRe-accreditation fee
Agile AssuranceProfessional60AUD137.50 (PLUS GST)
Agile AssuranceMaster(2-yearly evidence submission)AUD275* (PLUS GST)
Gateway AssuranceReview Team Member (RTM)40AUD82.50 (PLUS GST)
Gateway AssuranceReview Team Leader (RTL)60AUD137.50 (PLUS GST)
Gateway AssuranceMaster(2-yearly evidence submission)AUD275* (PLUS GST)
Digital AssuranceBusiness Owner60AUD137.50 (PLUS GST)