Why use Agile Assurance™ ?


The rapid rise of digital technology (and its agile delivery) throughout private industries and government sectors, continues to drive an unprecedented demand for a ‘fit-for-purpose’ digitally aligned assurance. 

Agile Assurance™ is used as an approach to project assurance in Agile project management methodologies. It aligns with the principles of agility, adaptability, and iterative development. Here are some reasons why leading organisations and governments are rapidly choosing to use Agile Assurance™ for their digital initiatives and transformation projects.

|  1. Flexibility & adaptability:

Agile Assuranceallows for real-time adjustments and adaptations as the project progresses. This is crucial in dynamic environments where requirements, market conditions, public opinion and stakeholder needs can change rapidly.

|  2. Frequent feedback:

Agile Assurance emphasises regular reviews and feedback loops, which helps identify issues early, and allows for timely corrective actions – improving the overall project quality and success.

|  3. Incremental progress:

Agile projects are divided into smaller iterations (sprints), each resulting in a potentially shippable product increment. Using Agile Assurance ensures that each increment aligns with quality standards and project goals.

|  4. Stakeholder engagement:

Agile Assurance encourages ongoing stakeholder engagement, ensuring that their feedback and requirements are integrated throughout the project lifecycle and into further assurance reviews.

|  5. Risk mitigation:

By focusing on continuous assessment, Agile Assurance helps identify and address risks as they emerge. This proactive approach mitigates potential threats to project success.

|  6. Continuous improvement:

Agile Assurance leads to continuous learning and improvement, with the lessons learned from each iteration incorporated into subsequent ones, enhancing both project processes and outcomes.

|  7. Early issue detection:

Agile Assurance reviews at the end of each iteration help catch issues and discrepancies early, preventing them from accumulating and becoming more challenging to resolve.

|  8. Transparent communication:

The Agile Assuranceprocesses promotes transparent communication among project teams, stakeholders, and the assurance review team – fostering trust and alignment.

|  9. Short feedback loops:

The short feedback loops incorporated into Agile Assurancereviews, ensures that any necessary changes are made quickly, reducing the risk of delivering a product that does not meet user expectations.

|  10. Efficient resource allocation:

By addressing issues promptly and iteratively, Agile Assurance avoids wasting resources on lengthy review processes that are more applicable to traditional waterfall projects.

|  11. Value-driven focus:

Agile Assurance aligns with the Agile principle of delivering value to customers. It ensures that the project stays on track to deliver the most valuable features and functionalities.

|  12. Adaption to change:

Agile projects embrace change, and Agile Assurancehas been designed to support this by accommodating changes in project scope, requirements, and priorities.

It’s important to note that Agile Assurance™ might not be suitable for all projects. It’s particularly effective for projects with high levels of uncertainty, evolving requirements, and a need for rapid response to changes. However, organisations must carefully tailor their assurance practices to the specific characteristics of their projects, balancing agility with the need for governance, compliance, and risk management.

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