Case Study

Source-to-Pay Procurement System for Department of Transport and Main Roads


In March 2023, a Queensland State Government Organisation successfully delivered a Source-to-Pay procurement solution. The core objective was to implement an enterprise-wide
Source-to-Pay solution to streamline and standardise procurement processes and provide more auditability across procurement and payment.

With increased local and global economic challenges, organisations such as this Queensland State Government Organisation are dealing with pressures to control costs, manage risks, and increase efficiency and productivity.

This new solution provides improved reporting and supplier analysis; allowing this Queensland State Government Organisation to make more informed procurement decisions to benefit SME, Indigenous and regional suppliers in alignment with the Queensland Procurement Policy.


Moreover, the benefits of this solution enable this Queensland State Government Organisation to:

  • Rapidly compare multiple suppliers and select theone that provides the best value for money.
  • Mitigate risks associated with supply chain disruptions, to ensure continuity of supply.
  • Gain access to new technologies and innovations from different regions or industries.
  • Comply with regulations and ethical standards.
  • Promote transparency by ensuring that all purchases are made through a fair and competitive process.
  • Streamline communication with suppliers.
  • Eliminate the need for manual data entry.
  • Provide real-time visibility into spend patterns across multiple business units, enabling better decisionmaking around budget allocation.
  • Identify new opportunities for savings by negotiating better terms with suppliers based on better data and improved analytics.

The Project team successfully delivered the Source-to-Pay procurement solution and the platform to meet the core objective. The Project team did this while continuously adjusting to COVID-19 safe working protocols, which required the Project team to adapt its stakeholder engagement and adopt a more agile way of working.

This success is a great story for this Queensland State Government Organisation and for the involved stakeholders. Meeting the overarching requirement was compelling, which was recognised by the Project team. Effective collaboration
and an agile work methodology with the technology teams, partners, business teams and relevant stakeholders enabled the Project team to design and deliver an effective and efficient solution, and capabilities.

The focus of this case study is the independent assurance that supported this Queensland State Government Organisation to successfully implement the enterprise-wide Source-to-Pay procurement solution using SAP/Ariba technology. To ensure the Project’s quality, reliability and relevance, a team of independent assurers was engaged (at Gate 3) to provide global digital assurance best practice methods.

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