How to build an effective digital assurance team


A professional digital assurance team is essential to ensure the success of digital transformation. As organisations increasingly rely on technology, it’s becoming more critical than ever to put digital assurance practices in place to pre-empt risk, improve decision-making and ensure the overall success of the project or program.

But how do you build an effective digital assurance team?

What are the key skills and qualities you should look for to ensure the team possesses everything they need to carry out a professional assurance review?

At Global Digital Assurance, we’re a leading provider of globally recognised assurance training and accreditation. We offer the latest digital assurance training in Australia, with courses utilising the best practice standards for agile and gated assurance for individuals, assurance professionals and organisations. 

With years of experience in the field of digital assurance, we have gained an excellent understanding of what it takes to build a successful digital assurance team. Here’s a list of tips that we believe can be instrumental in creating an effective digital assurance team.

Define the roles of the assurance team

Defining the roles and responsibilities of a new team is crucial, especially when building a digital assurance team. The roles and responsibilities will depend on your organisation and the scope of your digital transformation, but defining these roles will establish clear expectations to ensure all members of the team are on the same page. 

The general roles of assurance team members include: 

  • Assessing the project/program to identify risks, issues and opportunities for improvement. 
  • Offering recommendations and solutions to mitigate risks and reach program/project outcomes. 
  • Ensure the project/program is compliant and meets industry standards. 
  • Monitor and report on the performance and progress of the program/project. 
  • Communicate with key stakeholders within the organisation to ensure objectives are being met. 

Engage the right people

Once you have defined the roles and responsibilities of the team, you can go ahead and hire people. When hiring for a digital assurance team there are a few key skills and qualities you should look for, including: 

  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Thorough understanding of industry standards and regulations
  • Knowledge of agile and gated assurance methodologies
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • Attention to detail and ability to manage multiple tasks and priorities.

Choosing the right digital assurance accreditation

If your team requires training, they must be able to access the latest best practice standards for digital assurance. This will ensure they are up to date with the latest trends in digital assurance and perform an effective assessment of your project/program and achieve a better result for your organisation. 

At Global Digital Assurance, we offer various globally recognised assurance training courses that are aligned with industry standards and tailored to different levels of expertise.

From Agile Assurance Professional accreditation to Gateway Assurance Review Team Leader accreditation and Digital Assurance Business Owner accreditation, our accreditation is the only best practice agile assurance accreditation and was developed through a working partnership with leading government agencies, peak industry bodies and recognised agile advocates.  

Through our globally recognised digital assurance accreditation, your team will learn about a wide range of topics, including agile and gated assurance, risk management, quality assurance, and project management. By investing in the development of your team’s skills and knowledge, you will be able to ensure a more comprehensive and effective digital assurance review, which is crucial for the success of your digital transformation.

Build an environment of continuous learning

The final step in building an effective digital assurance team is to foster continuous learning and development. It’s vital to create an environment where team members are continuously improving their knowledge and skills. 

Team members gaining accreditation through Global Digital Assurance will access various benefits and the exclusive GDA dashboard, where they can:

  • Choose and manage training programs and career paths.
  • Control and share accreditations.
  • Log CPD points.
  • Self-manage re-accreditations.
  • Update and control their profile.
  • Record and manage their reviews, fellow review team members and contacts.
  • Access exclusive assurance webinars and forums. 
  • Participate in the global assurance reviewer community. 
  • Make their experience and profile known to government agencies and organisations who manage assurance review delivery teams. 

Global Digital Assurance – Best Practice Standards for digital assurance

Building an effective digital assurance team is essential for the success of any digital transformation project. Defining clear roles and responsibilities, engaging the right people, investing in the right training and accreditation, and building a culture of continuous learning are all critical steps in building a successful team. 

At Global Digital Assurance, we offer globally recognised assurance training and accreditation aligned with industry standards, providing your team with the latest best practice standards for digital assurance.

By investing in our accreditation, you can ensure your team is equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to carry out a professional digital assurance review and achieve better outcomes for your organisation.

It’s easy to access our digital assurance accreditation, just sign up for an account and choose your courses.