Digital assurance 101: what is it and why is it critical in 2023


Over the past couple of years, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to significant changes in the business world, with technology playing a crucial role in enabling remote work and digital transformation. As a result, the importance of digital assurance has increased, with businesses relying more heavily on digital processes and systems to maintain operations and stay competitive.

At Global Digital Assurance, we’re in the unique position to witness the growing demand for digital assurance practices across various industries.

We see that digital assurance is critical as it ensures that the digital transformation works as it is intended and delivers the expected results. 

Digital assurance 101

To ensure successful outcomes for your 2023 programs and projects, it’s crucial to adapt quality assurance procedures during a digital transformation. Traditional quality assurance methods may not be enough in the realm of digitalization and can fall short when assessing a program/project. 

Digital assurance is a necessary component for any digital transformation, regardless of its size. It will help ensure your program or project runs smoothly and provides the best return on investment.

Digital assurance professionals utilise their skills and experience to assess and optimise the program/project for success. They will:

  • Ensure customer expectations are met.
  • Mitigate risk associated with digital transformation.
  • Offer an independent perspective.
  • Increase operational efficiency.
  • Cultivate good practice techniques and increase confidence.

Benefits of digital assurance

Digital assurance will help you ensure the success of your 2023 projects/programs. Some of the benefits of digital assurance include: 

Sets a strong foundation for your program/project:

Here at Global Digital Assurance, we see digital assurance as the foundational plank that guides the project or program, ensuring that everything is in place for a successful outcome. 

This includes proper allocation of skills and resources, optimised planning, and realising the full potential of digital transformation. With digital assurance, project leaders can have confidence in meeting their objectives, knowing that their project is well-prepared to take on any challenges that may arise.

The ability to pre-empt risk: 

When you’re working on a project or program it can be difficult to see past your own biases and identify potential risks. Digital assurance professionals can provide an independent perspective and draw on their expertise to identify and mitigate risks before they become major issues within your project/program.  

By engaging digital assurance professionals early in the early stages of your program/project, you can ensure that risks are preempted and addressed, saving valuable time and money in the long term. 

Informed decision-making:

Backed by Global best practice methods of digital assurance, reviewers can provide valuable insights into the project/program to help project/program leaders make better decisions. The transformation will be assessed at key decision-making stages, where the assurance reviewers will provide their independent perspective without oversights or biases.

Return on investment:

Every program or project must deliver a return on investment, otherwise, it’s not worth continuing. By assessing the allocation of resources and any risks involved, a digital assurance reviewer can scrutinise every aspect of the project/program to ensure it is maximising efficiency and productivity to achieve all relevant outcomes. 

Digital assurance helps organisations maintain a competitive advantage and through a comprehensive review avoid significant financial or reputational damage. A digital assurance review will ensure project/program compliance and provide solutions where necessary.

Globally recognised best practice methods for digital assurance

At Global Digital Assurance, we believe digital assurance is critical as technology evolves and becomes integrated across business processes in a variety of industries. It’s more important than ever to ensure the effectiveness of digital transformations and protect organisations against potential loss caused by failed projects/programs.

We’re the leading provider of modern and comprehensive digital assurance reviewer training, with globally recognised accreditation.

We offer the latest digital assurance training in Australia, with courses utilising the best practice standards for agile and gated assurance for individuals, assurance professionals and organisations. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help you ensure the success of your next digital transformation, contact us today