How to boost your career as a digital assurance expert


The rapid growth of digital technology in the past decade has increased the demand for digital assurance experts across various industries.  Many professionals seek to boost their careers and gain accreditation in digital assurance.

When you gain accreditation in digital assurance, you may have the ability to increase your earning capability, as well as enhance your qualifications to appeal to employers if you’re looking for new employment opportunities. 

Gain digital assurance skills

Whether you’re seeking accreditation as an individual or as part of an organisation, it’s critical to look in the right place to gain your digital assurance skills.

You will need to gain proficiency in many areas to ensure you have all the skills you need to look at all areas of digital assurance. 

Some essential skills digital assurance professionals need include understanding how to adopt agile-style assurance approaches and apply applicable techniques when delivering agile assurance reviews, knowing project life-cycle assessment points for projects, leading an agile assurance review team and knowing the responsibilities of key stakeholders throughout an agile assurance review. 

Professional agile assurance accreditation

At Global Digital Assurance, our Agile Assurance Professional accreditation and training course has been developed in a working partnership with leading government agencies, peak bodies and recognised agile advocates. 

This best practice review training and accreditation gives professionals the tools and knowledge to effectively apply high-value and independent assurance review services to support organisations and government agencies in delivering their programs and projects. 

It’s globally recognised for meeting best practice standards for the assurance of agile projects and digital programs. 

The benefits of this accreditation include: 

  • Online delivery enables you to start the accreditation process anytime and anywhere.
  • Within days you can upskill and gain your accreditation.
  • This accreditation is globally recognised. 
  • Digital badges offer highly secure verification and allow you to demonstrate your endorsement online. 

Other accreditation with Global Digital Assurance

Agile Assurance Professional is just one of the types of globally recognised digital assurance we offer at Global Digital Assurance.

We offer a range of digital assurance courses to suit a range of individuals.

Each course is specially developed with industry-leading knowledge and the most up-to-date information. Other on-demand digital assurance courses we provide include: 

Why choose Global Digital Assurance

In this modern, fast-paced digital age, you need a modern and holistic approach to digital assurance. Global Digital Assurance provides this modern approach, along with accreditation programs and training courses that are flexible and agile, driven by innovation, and based on continuous improvement. 

With more than 30 years in-house, top-tier assurance experience and through constant collaboration, the team at Global Digital Assurance has developed a suite of courses that tick all the boxes for digital assurance professionals. 

Our courses are the best place to start if you’re ready to boost your career and upgrade your digital assurance skills. Sign up for an account and choose your courses today!