The Global Digital Assurance developed training and accreditation supporting methods, models materials and guides, have been developed using over 20-years of in-house assurance experience, and with the collaborative input of industry leading public and private sector assurance, agile, portfolio, program and project professionals.

The information contained in the Global Digital Assurance supporting techniques, models, materials and guides, have been specifically developed for the sole purpose of supporting Global Digital Assurance training and accreditation courses for assurance professionals, organisations and government departments and agencies.

We would like to acknowledge the following organisations, governments and agencies and their respective reference materials, which were consulted as part of the development lifecycle of the accreditation training materials for Global Gateway Assurance and the Digital Assurance Models.

  • OGC Gateway is a historical, archived trademark of the UK Cabinet Office and is owned and published by that Office. OGC Gateway™ is subject to © Crown Copyright protection and reproduced under licence with kind permission of Controller of Her Majesty’s Stationery Office and the Cabinet Office.
  • UK Office of Government Commerce, 2007, “Successful Delivery Toolkit“, © Crown Copyright value-added product and is developed, owned and published by the United Kingdom Infrastructure and Projects Authority.
  • Commonwealth of Australia, 2006, “Guidance on the Gateway Review Process – A Project Assurance Methodology for the Australian Government“, © Commonwealth of Australia
  • Queensland Treasury, 2006, “Gateway review guidebook for project owners and review teams“, © The State of Queensland
  • United Kingdom Infrastructure and Projects Authority, 2016, “Guidance for Departments and review teams – Assurance and approvals for agile delivery of digital services – version 1.1” © Crown copyright.
  • New South Wales Government, Finance, Services and Innovation, 2017, “ICT Assurance Framework – including Gateway Coordination Agency Framework for ICT Projects under the NSW Gateway Policy – Version 1.2 FINAL – February 2017“, © New South Wales Government.
  • New South Wales Government, The Treasury, “NSW Gateway Policy TPP 17-01 – New South Wales Government – The Treasury“.
  • State of Victoria, 2010, “Gateway Overview“, © Copyright State of Victoria.
  • Government of Western Australia, Department of Finance, Government Procurement, “Gateway Workbooks (Program, Project and guides 1 to 5)” – © Government of Western Australia.
  • New Zealand Government, May 2019, “Assuring Digital Government Outcomes – All-of-Government Portfolio, Programme and Project Assurance Framework – Version 3.2“, © Crown Copyright (New Zealand)
  • New Zealand Government, May 2018, “The Gateway Process – Guides for Agencies“, © Crown Copyright (New Zealand)
  • New Zealand Treasury, March 2018, “Gateway Review Process (Gates 0 to 4 guides) – Best Practice – gateway to success“, © Crown copyright (New Zealand)


We would like to acknowledge the following individuals for their contribution in the development of guides, models and/or training materials for Global Gateway Assurance, Global Agile Assurance, Digital Assurance and the Digital Assurance Models.

We thank them for their outstanding and generous contributions and insights.

  • Mr. Frank Aldred M.MgtEc, FAIPM, MAIPM, CPPD, CPD
  • Dr. Kerry Trabinger D.Ed, M.Ed
  • Mr. Tom Pucci BEc, CA, Mec
  • Mr. Richard Greenall MB(IT), B.For.Sc (Hons), Dip Comp Sc
  • Dr. Parbodh Gogna MBBS, RACGP, ACRRM, Snr Lec. DSc, MBA