Course Overview

GDA Agile Assurance Professional accreditation was developed in working-partnership with leading government agencies, peak industry bodies and recognised agile advocates, and is the only best practice Agile Assurance accreditation.

Agile Assurance Professional accreditation, provides best practice leading assurance reviewer training and accreditation, which enable consulting, service delivery and public sector professionals, the ability to effectively apply high-value and independent assurance review services, to support organisations and government agencies with the successful delivery assurance of agile projects and digital programs.

Agile Assurance Professional accreditation certifies that assurance professionals are globally recognised as meeting best practice standards for the assurance of agile projects and digital programs.

The Agile Assurance Professional training course is provided online, via our exclusive assurance reviewer management system (ARMS) platform, which:

  • is available and securely managed through any internet enabled device browser
  • can be undertaken and at a pace and time that suits busy industry and public sector professionals

The accreditation training course modules are based on the GDA Agile Assurance best practice methods, models and modern reviewer techniques.

The GDA Agile Assurance Professional accreditation course, includes real-time access to contemporary assurance libraries, including:

  • Agile Assurance reviewer guide
  • Agile Assurance individual reviews guides
  • modern digital assurance models
  • self-paced online training modules
  • progressive knowledge tests
  • online ‘monitored’ examination
  • current best practice, assurance and program and project delivery articles
  • exclusive ‘GDA assurance forum‘ inclusion