6 Digital transformation myths debunked


In a fast-paced digital environment, organisations must continually adapt to changes in the business landscape. Digital transformation allows organisations to implement new technology to streamline their operations, increase productivity and gain a competitive advantage.

With digital transformations getting more prevalent, certain myths and misconceptions have surfaced. Here at Global Digital Assurance, we believe it’s essential to be able to separate fact from fiction, so here are a few of these myths debunked. 

MYTH: Digital transformation is only for large organisations

There’s a misconception that only large organisations with big budgets can undertake digital transformation; this is incorrect. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from digital transformations which are essential to remain competitive and relevant in this digital age. 

Digital transformations allow big or small organisations to streamline their existing processes using digital technology, enhance the customer experience and increase revenue.

Small businesses benefit from digital transformation just as much as larger organisations. 

MYTH: Digital transformation is only for the IT department

There’s a common myth that digital transformation is only for the IT department. It’s true, many IT departments drive digital transformation, however it requires involvement from all key staff and departments within an organisation to achieve a successful outcome

Digital transformation also requires digital assurance to ensure the success of the transformation. A digital assurance professional will assess the digital transformation to identify risks and maximise the chance of the project meeting business outcomes. 

A digital assurance professional will assess the digital transformation at key decision points. They will identify any risks associated with the transformation, and offer solutions derived from past experience and knowledge. 

They will assess the project or program to ensure the correct skills and resources have been allocated and monitor the transformation to maintain effective and consistent implementation of good practice.

Furthermore, they’ll ensure the project or program meets the needs of the customer. 

MYTH: Digital transformation only occurs once 

When an organisation stays stagnant and fails to embrace opportunities for digital transformation, they risk falling behind their competitors and losing revenue. 

As technology changes, organisations may implement ongoing digital transformation to stay ahead of the curve and remain competitive.

Organisations must remain agile and open to change and digital transformation will occur when necessary to improve processes. 

MYTH: Digital transformation only focuses on technology

While technology plays a critical role in digital transformation, it goes beyond the digital components. Digital transformation is multi-pronged and affects how organisations operate and the overall business model. 

Digital transformation isn’t just installing new software, it takes a holistic approach to understand how the technology will affect the business model and the customer experience. It’s also about understanding how the changes will affect employees and how they offer customer service. 

MYTH: Digital transformation affects employee retention

Some managers fear that digital transformation will affect employee retention. They are worried that digital transformation translates to less workers, or existing employees won’t be able to adapt to the new technology and will leave. 

A digital assurance professional will ensure the digital transformation is carried out in a way that minimises the impact on employee retention. They will work with managers to identify risks to employees and ways to mitigate these risks. 

This could be in the form of employee training if new technology is being introduced and ensuring employees are notified of changes taking place that will impact their role.

A digital assurance professional will ensure a proactive approach is taken to maintain employee satisfaction and retention. 

MYTH: Digital transformation is expensive

Certain digital transformation projects and programs are expensive, but a digital transformation should only be pursued if the benefits outweigh the costs. One way to ensure this is to work with a digital assurance professional to ensure the transformation is a success and meets all the business outcomes. It’s their responsibility to improve all aspects of the project or program and identify areas for improvement to ensure greater return on investment. 

We hope we’ve been successful in debunking some of the myths surrounding digital transformation and helped you understand the crucial role digital assurance professionals play in ensuring your digital transformation meets all business outcomes. 

At Global Digital Assurance we provide on-demand digital assurance accreditation for assurance reviewers, governments and organisations with the aim of empowering organisations with an in-house assurance professional to ensure the success of your next digital transformation. Contact us to learn more!