Why digital assurance is essential to the success of your organisation


For your organisation to be successful, you need to ensure the success of your digital transformations. Failed digital transformations can have a catastrophic impact on your organisation and lead to financial loss, destroyed reputation and even in some cases, litigation. 

How do you ensure the success of your digital transformation? Digital assurance. 

What is digital assurance? 

Digital assurance helps organisations optimise the success of digital transformations and meet the outcomes of your project or program. It ensures your business objectives are achieved and improves each stage of the project or program by enhancing the planning process and how resources and skills are allocated. 

Digital assurance objectively assesses all aspects of project management to give organisational leaders increased confidence and tools to mitigate possible risks. 

8 benefits of digital assurance practices within your organisation include:

Greater understanding of the digital transformation

A digital assurance professional will give you a greater understanding of your project or program from a bias-free perspective.

When you’re directly involved in a digital transformation it can be difficult to take an independent approach, whereas a digital assurance professional can avoid oversights and biases by assessing the project independently. It allows leaders to see the project from all angles. 

Ensuring relevant skills and resources are utilised

When assessing a digital transformation a digital assurance professional will evaluate the allocation of skills and resources across the project or program.

This will ensure employees with sufficient skills and correct resources are assigned to ensure a successful outcome. 

Identify risk and share solutions to mitigate risk 

It is the role of a digital assurance professional to pre-empt risk and navigate all aspects of the project to maximise proactive reactions to potential risks within the digital transformation.

Project leaders will have increased confidence in the project or program knowing they have the tools to manage the risk if it materialises.

Ensure responsibility

A digital assurance professional will ensure everyone involved in a digital transformation understands their role in the project.

It highlights the roles of each stakeholder to ensure they take responsibility to reach the desired outcome. 

Improve workflow and predictability

Improved workflow is another way projects and programs benefit from digital assurance. A digital assurance professional will navigate all aspects of the digital transformation to ensure proper planning to improve the workflow throughout the lifespan of the project. 

Digital assurance is a forward-thinking approach to enable qualified decision making every step of the way. This will encourage predictability and help avoid delays or unimagined roadblocks that could threaten to derail a project or its outcomes. 

Reduction in costs

Digital assurance can help your organisation save time and money by avoiding unnecessary costs associated with unexpected issues that could occur throughout the lifespan of the digital transformation.

It also ensures funds are allocated to the right resources to ensure return on investment. 

Achieve business outcomes 

A digital assurance professional is concerned with ensuring all aspects of the project or program are aligned to meet the business outcomes and objectives.

They will take an independent assessment of the digital transformation to check that all actions will lead to a successful outcome for the project or program. 

Deliver a consistent user experience

By assuring the success of project outcomes with digital assurance your organisation can help deliver a more consistent user experience.

By delivering a successful digital transformation your customers will receive improved service with your organisation that is backed by quality assurance. 

The Global Gateway Assurance and Global Agile Assurance

Here at Global Digital Assurance we have designed processes to help organisations/business owners/senior responsible officers gain independent guidance for their digital transformations and ensure a successful outcome.

We’re the world’s best practice standard for assurance methods, models, tools and accredited review training. We’ve introduced our methods of Global Agile Assurance, Global Gateway Assurance and Digital Assurance to a variety of organisations to assist individuals and assurance professionals to assure their digital transformations and provide the best user experience. 

Our methods provide a modernised, holistic approach to professional assurance reviewer training and globally recognised accreditation, all aligned to best practice standards for agile and gated assurance. 

Get in touch with us to find out how we can assure your next digital transformation with our world-class digital assurance services