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Modernised Assurance

Reinvented and modernised assurance training courses and global accreditation programs.

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Reviewer Accreditation

Training courses focused on assurance reviewer skills, techniques and modern digital methods.

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Enterprise Benefits

Industry driven assurance review solutions, delivering more than just assurance accreditation.

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Assurance Community

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Why Global Digital Assurance?

Global Digital Assurance® is a modernised and holistic approach to professional assurance reviewer accreditation, supported by industry driven online training courses, specifically designed to support the flexibly and agility of modern digital environments.

Global Digital Assurance® better supports individuals, assurance professionals and organisations by providing modernised assurance training courses with globally recognised accreditation, aligned to best practice standards for conventional gated and agile assurance.

The Global Digital Assurance® training courses provide individuals with the training, knowledge, tools and techniques to further their professional assurance careers, delivered through structured and progressive training courses and ongoing accreditation programs, designed specifically for assurance reviews in modern digital environments.

For public and private sector organisations, Global Digital Assurance® accreditations provide the confidence that accredited assurance reviewers have been trained to industry best practices, possess a proven assurance reviewer knowledge, have up-to-date assurance skills that have been verified by an independent expert panel, and are equipped with practical and working methods of the world’s leading agile and gated assurance standards – which enables them to more effectively deliver program and project assurance reviews for organisations.


Benefits of Global Digital Assurance

Accreditations and Courses

Explore and access our globally accredited assurance training courses, specifically designed for assurance review professionals in the modern digital age. The online training courses include access to modernised assurance reviewer guides, specific assurance review gate guides, exclusive self-paced online training modules, progressive knowledge tests and scenario based examinations.

Accredited assurance reviewers have unlimited access to the Global Digital Assurance® member dashboard, that includes optional inclusion to securely make your pertinent reviewer experience information accessible to the government agencies who organise digital assurance reviews, exclusive digital badges and access to the private assurance community, as well as a range of assurance review management and career progression tools.

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Digital and Assurance News

Keep up to date with the latest happenings and industry leading professionals across the world of assurance, digital innovations, leading digital programs and projects and all things agile.

'Project Management Survey 2020'


For the past three years KPMG and the Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) have conducted a joint survey, with over 550 Australian project management professionals, to identify the issues and trends in project management in Australia. While 2020 has been a year like no other and has seen project delivery face unprecedented challenges, the 2020 Annual AIPM/KPMG Project Management Survey provides a more positive outlook than we may have originally thought, with an ever increasing demand for project management skills.

What's the future of online learning?


As the world’s universities redesign for online delivery and Silicon Valley moves aggressively into the education space, here is what to know when choosing courses for yourself or your business. Online education has boomed in 2020. Not only did schools, tertiary and professional education move to remote learning in March – but millions of individuals and businesses used online courses to upskill, reskill and frankly, off-ramp employees.

Assurance is most effective when...'it's early and often'


The state’s Audit Office made the recommendation in an insights report that reveals “many technology projects currently do not hit their deadlines, stay within budget, or achieve their objectives”. The Queensland government's chief customer and digital officer...said a “government enterprise architecture position”, smaller investments and continuous delivery assurance could go some way to solving these issues.