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Global Digital Assurance is the global standard and leading authority in
assurance best practice methods, training and accreditation.

Though our accreditation training courses, we equip organisations and
assurance professionals with knowledge, capabilities, tools and techniques to manage
Gateway, Agile and Digital assurance – in modern, fast-paced delivery environments.


Globally Recognised

Globally Recognised

Assurance accreditations that are supported and endorsed by peak professional bodies and a growing number of leading service delivery and government organisations.

Delivered On-demand

Delivered On-demand

Best practice assurance courses delivered on-demand, at a time and place that suits industry professionals, with no downtime, no classroom expenses and true value-for-money.

Up-skill Fast

Up-skill Fast

Become an accredited and recognised assurance professional in days, via our rapid delivery and secure accreditation training courses, modern methods and on-demand support.

Digital Badges

Digital Badges

Our digital badges are the world’s only verifiable accreditation for assurance professionals, allowing instant verification of your best practice, assurance and reviewer credentials.

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The global demand for modern ‘digital assurance’

The rapid rise of digital technology in society, continues to drive an unprecedented demand for digital assurance professionals, throughout private industries and government sectors. With this growth comes increased risk and pressure on leaders to make important decisions, to secure the outcome of their critical programs and projects.

We’re witnessing an ever increasing need for world-class, best practice digital assurance, so organisations can take a forward-thinking approach to safeguard the outcomes of key transformational initiatives and decisions.

Our best practice assurance accreditation and training courses, provide individuals with structured and interactive training programs, verifiable accreditation credentials, and the knowledge, tools and techniques to further their professional assurance, program and project management careers.

For assurance review professionals, obtaining a Global Digital Assurance (GDA) accreditation, our accreditations provide you with the confidence that you have been trained and accredited to assurance best practice, possess a proven assurance knowledge, have up-to-date assurance skills and techniques, and you possess a digital badge that securely verifies your assurance credentials.

For individuals, leaders and teams responsible for business-critical programs and projects, the GDA accreditations provide you with the confidence to embrace and leverage best practice assurance methods, utilise modern tools and guides – allowing you to focus on the important matters, that enable successful program and project delivery outcomes.

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Explore, sign-up and access our best practice assurance accreditation training courses, specifically designed for assurance professionals – in a modern, fast-paced digital environment.

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Keep up to date with the latest happenings and industry leading professionals across the world of programs and projects, digital, transformations, cutting-edge digital initiatives  – and all things assurance.

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With digital transformations getting more prevalent, certain myths and misconceptions have surfaced. Here at Global Digital Assurance, we believe it's essential to be able to separate fact from fiction, so here are a few of these myths debunked. 

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How to boost your career as a digital assurance expert


With more than 30 years in-house, top-tier assurance experience and through constant collaboration, the team at Global Digital Assurance has developed a suite of courses that tick all the boxes for digital assurance professionals. 

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Ensuring quality in a digital age: The vital role of digital assurance


Through digital assurance, program leaders can identify risks before they occur, minimise errors and improve decision-making at crucial stages of the project/program. It's a critical tool for ensuring a program/project functions as intended and necessary goals are met.