Is it time to upgrade your digital assurance skills? 


Digital assurance skills are an asset in today’s digital age. The skills gathered during digital assurance accreditation allows individuals and organisations to protect themselves from cyber threats, ensures data privacy and integrity and helps to ensure the success of programs and projects. 

How do you keep up to date with the rapid pace of technology and the latest trends and best practices? 

One solution is to complete digital assurance accreditation. The courses we provide here at Global Digital Assurance will give you the latest tools, techniques and approaches to provide quality digital assurance. 

We offer online courses delivered through our exclusive assurance reviewer management system (ARMS) platform. It can be easily accessed and managed through an internet browser and completed in your own home. 

Benefits of upgrading your digital assurance skills

Upgrading your digital assurance skills will give you a deeper understanding of the principles and best practice methods for delivering agile assurance reviews, teach you how to adopt agile working approaches when delivering agile assurance reviews, how to assess and evaluate agile projects and much more. 

Through Global Digital Assurance accreditation you will have unlimited access to: 

  • The Global Digital Assurance reviewer dashboard.
  • Non-repudiated Global Digital Assurance digital accreditation badges.
  • Option to make your pertinent reviewer experience information accessible to government agencies who organise digital assurance reviews.
  • The global assurance reviewer training. 

Our digital assurance accreditation courses have been developed by professionals who have real-world experience dealing with the challenges and processes within digital transformations – so you’re learning from the best no matter what accreditation you undertake. 

Global Digital Assurance accreditations have been developed in partnership with leading government agencies and other industry recognised agile advocates and is the world’s first agile assurance accreditation that allows professionals to support their organisations through their digital transformations. 

Global Digital Assurance Accreditation

The digital assurance courses we provide include: 

Agile Assurance Professional accreditation certifies that assurance professionals are globally recognised as meeting best practice standards for the assurance of agile projects and digital programs. 

We offer the best practice Agile Assurance Master’s accreditation program, designed exclusively for only the ‘very best’ and emerging agile leaders and assurance professionals. 

Gateway Assurance Review Team Member accredited professionals are able to provide high value independent assurance review services to support organisations and government agencies with their delivery of conventional programs and projects. 

The Gateway Assurance Review Team Leader accreditation and training course is a modernised approach to providing a holistic solution to Gateway Assurance Reviewer training and verifiable professional accreditation, for those wanting to lead Gateway Assurance reviews. 

This is designed for only the ‘very best’ and most highly-experienced Gateway assurance leaders and assurance professionals. Masters are able to provide high-value, independent assurance review leadership and services to better support organisations. 

Digital Assurance Business Owner accreditation equips business owners with the knowledge, tools and techniques and capabilities to better utilise and manage assurance across modern digital environments. 

Ready to upgrade your skills or the skills of your employees? 

Investing in Global Digital Assurance accreditation is the best way to ensure the success of your future projects. It’s easy to access our digital assurance accreditation, just sign up for an account and choose your courses.