ANZ Digital Assurance® for Business Owners

Organisations and government agencies continue to be asked to implement transformations and change – faster, better and for less.

Organisations are meeting this challenge by adopting more “agile approaches” to transform their services as well as their important back-office operations, and by doing so, are building the necessary capability and capacity to effectively respond to future transformational agendas.

Organisational Business Owners/ Senior Responsible Officials/ Owners (SRO’s) play a critical role in implementing outcomes that enable government to deliver their reform agenda; which in many cases includes delivering digital services that exponentially improve the customer/ citizen experience outcome.

To support Business Owners/ SRO’s to achieve successful program and project outcomes, the ANZ Digital Assurance® Business Owner (DABO) course and supporting guides have been designed, providing independent guidance for Business Owners/ SRO’s, on how best to make sure that their programs and projects are successful, by focusing on the issues that are most important.

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