5 essential tips for digital transformation


At Global Digital Assurance we are the specialists at assuring the success of digital transformations. We’ve worked with a variety of organisations across the spectrum who are adopting new technologies, systems and processes to ensure they are efficient, to identify risks before they materialise and maximise return on investment. 

While many businesses successfully navigate digital transformation, many others fall short with approximately 30% of organisations succeeding. 

The difference between success and failure is ensuring all the boxes are ticked and creating a stable and sustainable environment when starting a new digital project or program. Here are 5 tips to help assure the success of your next digital transformation.

Ensure your digital transformation is linked to your business strategy

Aligning your digital transformation with your business strategy will ensure business outcomes are being met when you’re creating or onboarding new technology. 

For a digital transformation to be successful, there needs to be a clear link with your business strategy otherwise the two may be moving in incongruent directions. 

It’s important that the digital transformation is aligned with the goals and objectives of your overall business strategy, if it’s not, you may waste valuable time and resources. 

Clearly communicate transformation objectives

Throughout a digital transformation it’s vital that all key objectives are communicated clearly to everybody involved in the project or program. 

By clearly communicating your transformation objectives from the start of the project you can define the project scope and give project team members clear boundaries to work within.

It also ensures everybody is on the same page throughout the digital transformation. 

Clearly defined roles and responsibilities

During a digital transformation your team is your strongest asset and you will rely on each other to meet the project outcomes. For your team to function effectively, each team member needs to have clearly defined roles and responsibilities. 

Ensuring roles and responsibilities are clearly understood by all will help each member of your team grasp what they should be doing throughout the project and know who they can turn to for assistance. 

As a project leader this will also give you peace of mind that every element of the digital transformation is being managed and nothing will be missed. 

Effectively manage change

One of the reasons digital transformations fail is due to poor change management.

When implementing big changes within an organisation it is imperative that everyone involved is kept up-to-date to help them adapt to the upcoming changes. 

Effectively managing the transition to new technology can help increase adoption and compliance of the new changes. 

Ensure the success of your digital transformation with quality digital assurance

How do you ensure the success of your digital transformation project? A digital assurance professional will help you take a forward-thinking approach to your digital transformation and ensure a greater chance of success.  

Digital assurance draws upon evidence-based knowledge and past project/program experience to assure the future of your digital transformation. 

A digital assurance professional will: 

  • Improve the planning process.
  • Ensure that skills and resources are effectively allocated.
  • Pre-empt risk..
  • Help avoid any bias or oversights with an independent perspective.
  • Cultivate good practice techniques.
  • Increase your confidence to meet project outcomes. 
  • Optimise the power of digitalisation throughout the transformation. 

Safeguard the success of your digital transformation

We support individuals, assurance professionals and organisations by offering the most up-to-date assurance training courses that are aligned to best practice standards for agile and gated assurance. Connect with Global Digital Assurance today to find out how we can help assure your  next digital transformation.