What to expect from a digital assurance professional


In this ever changing business environment organisation leaders have to rethink the way they approach project management. Digital transformations are at the heart of adapting to this new ‘digital’ way of doing business and organisations need to ensure project and program outcomes are set up to succeed.

Through digital assurance, organisations can keep up with this rapid pace of change and help ensure they take a more forward-thinking approach to their projects and programs. Leaders can enter into a digital transformation with a deeper understanding of all aspects of their project and ensure a greater chance of success. 

Some well-known benefits of digital assurance include: 

  • It assists leaders to make better, more informed decisions throughout the project/program lifespan as they enter the transformation with more knowledge.
  • It’s the key to helping organisations achieve successful project outcomes
  • Provides leaders with evidence-based information for any ongoing business.
  • Helps leaders see the project/program from all angles, from an independent perspective without oversights or biases. 
  • Identifies potential risks and allows for better planning to mitigate any potential problems which could occur. 

In the whole scheme of things digital assurance is quite a new field, so not everyone knows what to expect from a digital assurance professional. To help you decide if you need a digital assurance professional, it’s important to understand how they work and what benefits they offer. 

Here are 5 things you can expect from a digital assurance professional: 

Expectation 1: They will ensure customer expectations are met.

Involving a digital assurance professional in your next digital transformation will help ensure customers’ needs and expectations are met. Digital assurance professionals will go through your project or program with a fine tooth comb to ensure the outcomes are aligned to deliver a reliable and consistent customer experience and maximum return on your investment. 

Expectation 2: They will help your organisation mitigate risk.

Sometimes by the time an organisation identifies risk it’s too late, and it ends up costing a lot of precious time and money. A digital assurance professional will identify potential risks associated with your digital transformation and offer solutions to mitigate any problems if they occur. 

Identifying possible risks prior to the start of the project can ensure your organisation is ready, flexible and responsive to change if issues arise. 

Expectation 3: They’ll give your team an independent perspective.

You can expect a digital assurance professional to offer an independent perspective on your project or program. Sometimes it’s difficult for project leaders to look at a project or program without bias. An independent digital assurance specialist draws on their past experience and knowledge and may see something someone closer to the project has missed. 

Expectation 4: They will ensure increased operational efficiency.

Digital assurance professionals are expected to ensure organisations gain maximum operational efficiency during the duration of their project or program. They do this by ensuring the skills and resources available are responsibly and efficiently allocated to gain the best return on investment. 

Expectation 5: They will help increase confidence and cultivate good practice techniques.

One of the key things organisations can expect from a digital assurance professional is the sharing of knowledge and information from previous digital transformation to ensure the success of their project or program. This will enable organisations to set up good practice techniques moving forward for future projects. 

How Global Digital Assurance can help safeguard the success of your digital transformation

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