The value of digital assurance during the procurement stage


While digital assurance benefits all stages of a digital transformation, it is especially useful at the procurement stage. It’s a method of assessing and evaluating decisions and ensuring the digital transformation is on track to meet all key business outcomes. 

How does digital assurance add value to the procurement stage of a digital transformation?

Digital assurance at the sourcing stage of a project/program is important as it ensures you are selecting the right vendors and technology to improve chances of success. When you engage the services of an independent digital assurance professionally they will review your procurement decisions to check they will meet your business objectives. 

During digital assurance the viability of the procurement decisions will be assessed to ensure the technology and vendors can support the wider organisational objectives.

An assurance professional will take an independent look at the risks involved and determine the chance of success. 

During the procurement stage of a digital transformation digital assurance will allow you to review:

The vendor

A digital assurance professional will take an independent approach to review your vendors. They will ensure they meet all relevant Australian standards and qualify whether they are a good choice as a vendor. They will assess whether they are a reputable vendor and trusted brand supplying deliverables.


This is one of the most important factors to assess within the procurement stage of a digital transformation. An assurance professional will review whether the goods or services you want to purchase are good quality and if they will give your organisation the best possible ROI. 

An assurance professional will ensure the right price and terms are negotiated to ensure your organisation will meet budget requirements and get the best value for money. 


An assurance professional will also review any associated warranties and what support is available with the technology you have chosen. Should there be any problems or faults with the technology/products, you need to know the process of fixing the issues as soon as possible, so it doesn’t have a detrimental impact on your supply chain. 

Benefits of onboarding a digital assurance professional:

An assurance professional will assess whether your procurement decisions meet your organisation’s overall objectives. If there are aspects that won’t contribute to success, they will advise what changes can be made with your procurement to achieve the project/program’s goal. 

Digital assurance should be carried out by a trusted professional. They will have the skills, knowledge and experience to provide an independent perspective and look at the project/program from a variety of angles. 

An independent digital assurance professional won’t have any bias that could cause oversight, and will be able to successfully identify any risks involved in your procurement decisions. Then they will be able to offer solutions to mitigate these risks. 

Digital assurance will give project/program leaders the confidence that the procurement decisions have been well thought out and investigated. 

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