How to assure the success of your next digital transformation


In order to survive during the COVID-19 outbreak, many organisations were forced to fundamentally change how they operated and delivered their products or services to their customers. Lockdowns, closures and other public health measures changed how organisations operated on a daily basis. 

Since then, it has continued to be important to prioritise technology for better customer engagement and to increase workplace productivity and efficiency. The level of competition, as well as higher customer expectations and the need for businesses to adapt and remain relevant, is motivating organisations to embrace digitalisation and virtualisation. 

Digital transformations can help organisations increase profitability, remain responsive to change, enhance the customer experience and automate workflows. But how do you assure the success of your organisation’s digital transformation to ensure you get the best return on investment? 

Digital assurance

As you change the way your organisation does business, you also need to adapt your quality assurance procedures to assure your digital transformations and secure a successful outcome. Previous quality assurance methods are no longer sufficient for this kind of digitalisation and have to be adapted to assure every aspect of the digital transformation. 

Digital assurance ensures the transformation runs efficiently. A digital assurance professional will draw on their skills and experience to optimise the success of the digital transformation to help the project/program leaders reach their desired outcome. 

Now, with potential high inflation and government repair in the pipeline, it’s even more important to ensure digital transformations are effective and efficient. Digital assurance can have huge benefits for organisations in all types of industries. 

Let’s consider how your next digital transformation could benefit from digital assurance. 

Pre-empt risk

A digital assurance professional can help program or project leaders preempt risk. They will work through the planning process to ensure there are built-in mechanisms to find issues upfront, no surprises. 

More often than not, by the time faults are found in projects it’s too late, which can end up costing valuable time and money. A digital assurance professional has the knowledge and experience to identify potential risks and mitigate them if they arise. 

Confidence to meet project outcomes

Reaching projects or business objectives is imperative. Digital assurance is a foundational plank which will help guide the project or program and ensure everything is in place for a successful outcome. This includes the proper allocation of skills and resources, optimising the planning process and ensuring the full power of the digitalisation is realised. 

Good decision making

A digital assurance professional can draw on their own knowledge to give leaders a greater understanding of all aspects of the project. In turn, this will help leaders make better, more informed decisions throughout the lifespan of the project, based on the evidence provided. 

Avoid bias

By allowing a digital assurance professional to take an independent look at your project or program, you are gaining an independent perspective, without oversights or biases. 

Ensure return on investment

When undertaking a digital transformation it’s essential to take steps to ensure your organisation is getting the best return on investment. Digital transformations can be costly, therefore there is a lot at risk if the project or program fails. 

A digital assurance professional will go over the project with a fine tooth comb to ensure your organisation is efficiently allocating skills and resources and approaching the transformation in a way that will ensure that no time or money is wasted. 

How to approach digital assurance


Here at Global Digital Assurance we’ve designed a set of processes to provide independent guidance on how to ensure your digital transformations are a success. Our aim is to help you meet your objectives, optimise your ROI and identify any risks before faults occur. 

Our global digital assurance is world-class, with best-practice standards for assurance methods, methods, tools and accredited reviewer training. This includes our best practice methods of Global Agile Assurance, Global Gateway Assurance and Digital Assurance business Owner. 

We have highly experienced digital assurance professionals and have helped a range of organisations provide the best user experience. We take a well-rounded approach to professional assurance reviewer training and globally recognised accreditation, taking into consideration modern approaches to digital assurance. 

We provide a high level of support to both individuals, assurance professionals and organisations and offer cutting-edge assurance training courses which are aligned to best practice standards for agile and gated assurance. 

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