Digital assurance accreditation – organisational benefits


Professionals with recognised modern digital assurance accreditation reap many rewards as individuals, although organisational benefits are just as substantial. Organisations and governments have a lot to gain from equipping their staff with accredited digital assurance training. 

The main benefits of professional digital assurance:

  • Receive knowledge and information for informed decision making throughout every stage of the project/program.
  • Identify risks before you don’t have time to mitigate them.
  • Improve confidence in the project/program.
  • Improve the chance of project/program success.
  • Provide transparency at a point in time.
  • Enhance product delivery.
  • Provide opportunities for portfolio, program and project management and capability maturity improvements through the adoption of lessons learned.

Global Digital Assurance reviewer training

At Global Digital Assurance we are familiar with the challenges organisations and governments face when selecting reviewers for digital assurance. When adopting more agile forms of delivery it’s not only expensive, but an often frustrating experience to employ the right reviewer. 

It’s only been recently that on-demand assurance training and accreditation has become available. In the past employing reviewers was fraught with danger as it was difficult to verify credentials and their capabilities. 

Now, thanks to an accumulation of more than 25 years of experience working hands-on with large scale organisations and governments providing assurance reviews, we’re able to deliver the world’s most comprehensive, best practice assurance training and accreditations. 

Types of digital assurance accreditation

We offer a variety of accreditations for digital assurance that are suited to a range of professionals across a variety of organisations. Our accreditations include: 

Agile Assurance Professional accreditation certifies that assurance professionals are globally recognised as meeting best practice standards for the assurance of agile projects and digital programs.

We offer the best practice Agile Assurance Master’s accreditation program, designed exclusively for only the ‘very best’ and emerging agile leaders and assurance professionals. 

Gateway Assurance Review Team Member accredited professionals are able to provide high value independent assurance review services to support organisations and government agencies with their delivery of conventional programs and projects. 

The Gateway Assurance Review Team Leader accreditation and training course is a modernised approach to providing a holistic solution to Gateway Assurance Reviewer training and verifiable professional accreditation, for those wanting to lead Gateway Assurance reviews. 

This is designed for only the ‘very best’ and most highly-experienced Gateway assurance leaders and assurance professionals. Masters are able to provide high-value, independent assurance review leadership and services to better support organisations. 

Digital Assurance Business Owner accreditation equips business owners with the knowledge, tools and techniques and capabilities to better utilise and manage assurance across modern digital environments. 

How to choose the most suitable accreditation?

Not sure which accreditation best suits your needs? The team at Global Digital Assurance can help guide you and recommend the most appropriate accreditation to meet your professional or organisational objectives. 

The Gateway Assurance Review Team Member course is suited to new reviewers and program managers and experienced reviewers and program managers should sign up for the Review Team Leader course. 

Our Digital Assurance Business Owners accreditation is suited to new or experienced program sponsors and our Agile courses can be undertaken by new or experienced reviewers and program managers. 

For more information on Global Digital Assurance accreditation, please contact us online today.