Why is digital assurance essential for long term organisational success?


Digital assurance is no longer just an ‘option’, it’s critical in all realms of digital transformations. It plays an important role in safeguarding your organisation from a range of threats and helps to ensure project success. By continually assuring your digital projects and programs, you’re also ensuring that your organisation is prepared and protected for the future, no matter what it holds. 

Global Digital Assurance is the global standard and leading authority in assurance best practice methods training and accreditation, making us an expert on this subject. We understand how digital assurance protects organisations against different types of threats, helps improve customer trust and drives the success of digital projects. 

We’re also familiar with the digital transformation failures that occur when digital transformations fail. It can cost millions of dollars and destroy the reputation of an organisation. 

That’s why digital assurance is so important. Assuring the long-term success of your organisation and it’s projects/programs has many benefits, including: 

To identify and mitigate risks

One of the biggest challenges for organisations is how to identify and mitigate potential risks in digital transformations. It can be difficult to see past biases and it’s easy to develop oversight when you’re close to a project or program.

Quality digital assurance can offer an independent approach to help identify risks connected to the program/project and develop ways in which to mitigate these risks. 

Potential risks could be associated with cybersecurity, compliance issues, failing to meet industry regulations or data breaches. It could also involve risks associated with the processes and outcome of the project or program. 

Saving costs

One great benefit of quality digital assurance is that it can save your organisation thousands, if not millions of dollars. It can help you avoid unnecessary costs which are associated with unexpected issues that pop up throughout the lifespan of a project or program. Project leaders will be prepared to mitigate these risks if they do eventuate.

By assessing and evaluating the allocation of skills and resources, digital assurance also ensures funds are allocated to the right resources to secure the maximum return on investment. Improving processes and efficiency throughout digital transformations will also save your organisation time and money. 

Building customer trust

Onboarding a digital assurance professional and helping your organisation protect the security and privacy through secure data storage, regular security audits and encryption will help you gain the trust and confidence of your customers. 

Embracing innovation with confidence

Utilising digital assurance practices for your programs or projects will ensure you are taking the most efficient and innovative approach to achieve business outcomes.

This will help your organisation remain competitive and embrace technological advancements that improve productivity and the effectiveness of your processes. 

Improved decision making

Our Global Gateway Assurance and Global Agile Assurance processes help to support project and program leaders by assessing at key decision points. A digital assurance professional will examine each key decision point within a project or program and provide support and recommendations on how they align with the desired business outcomes. 

A digital assurance professional can draw on past experience and share tried and tested insights from other projects and programs to help your organisation meet goals and reduce risk.  

Support fast-paced digital transformation

Fast-paced digital transformations can be threatened by all kinds of risks. Digital assurance will help identify possible risks, provide accurate information and evidence-based methodologies that aren’t affected by bias or oversights and help project leaders make the right decisions throughout the lifespan of the project. 

Improve workflow 

A digital assurance professional will assess all aspects of a project or program and ensure proper planning. They will take a forward-thinking approach to enable qualified decision making, avoid unpredictability and analyse all aspects of the project/program to ensure it’s aligned to meet expected outcomes. 

Enhance the user experience

Digital assurance helps organisations deliver a more consistent user experience by ensuring standards are duplicated across all projects and programs and controls and measures are implemented throughout every digital transformation. 

Accreditation in gated digital assurance

Interested in attaining accreditation in gated digital assurance or have an employee who would benefit from these skills? At Global Digital Assurance we have created digital assurance accreditation in partnership with leading government agencies and other industry recognised agile advocates. 

Our Global Agile Assurance Professional (GAAP) accreditation is the world’s first agile assurance accreditation and enables professionals to support their organisations and government agencies with the delivery of their digital transformations. 

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