Why digital assurance is critical for your 2022 projects


In the last two years of lockdowns we’ve seen rapid change and advancements in digitisation and virtualisation. The world has embraced emerging technologies with open arms and these innovations have altered the way we live and work. 

As we launch into 2022, it’s become increasingly apparent that we’ll continue on this trajectory that supports a high rate of digitisation throughout business, government and society. However, with change comes risk. 

Historically, any digitisation that is rapidly introduced has been identified as high risk, with more examples of failure than success. 

As industries and governments continue to increase digitisation, expanded data volumes and increasing computer and network speeds force us to reevaluate the basics of digital transformations. It also highlights the importance of creating a stable and sustainable environment when starting new projects. 

To ensure you run a successful digital transformation in this changing digital environment, project assurance can help to: 

  •  Support fast-paced digital transformation

When leaders deliver digital transformations at an accelerated rate, unique risk factors come into play and can threaten the outcome of the project. 

As part of the digital assurance process, assurance reviewers will: 

    • Provide additional (independent) support to achieve successful outcomes

At times it can be difficult for project leaders to effectively review all aspects of a project without the threat of oversights and biases. This can impact the project’s success and the desired outcome. 

Independent assurance provides an outside perspective and ensures leaders have all the accurate information and evidence-based methodologies to make the right decisions throughout the project.

    • Identify risks before they materialise

There are many reasons why a project might fail, and many of these reasons can be predicted before they arise. 

Qualified assurance professionals are tasked with recognising potential risks and building in mechanisms to mitigate them if they come to fruition. A professional digital assurance reviewer will draw on their experience and knowledge to look into the future and consider all possible risks – then come up with a plan to navigate the potential problems. 

    • Improve allocation of skills and resources

To better align service delivery with an organisation’s desired outcomes and available funds, assurance reviewers will ensure individuals involved in the project are aligned to support the desired outcomes. 

  • Assess at key decision points

The Global Gateway Assurance and Global Agile Assurance processes support project leaders by examining the project’s key decision points every step of the way. This gives leaders the confidence to move through from conception to design, implementation and operation to: 

    • Assess the project at key decision points.
    • Provide support (peer review), assessing how the project’s current and future plans align to deliver the desired results. 
    • Strengthen assurance practises, building and sharing capabilities between projects or programs. 

Assurance processes support project leaders by examining the project’s key decision points.

  • Maintain effective and consistent implementation of good practice

Digital assurance cultivates good practice techniques to ensure consistent and effective practises throughout the project lifecycle and any further projects.  

A highly experienced assurance reviewer helps to maintain consistency and alignment to support a successful project outcome. 

As industries and governments continue to adopt a high rate of digitisation, we see project assurance as an essential tool to set up project leaders for success. It generates a more comprehensive understanding of the project, so leaders can make winning decisions throughout the lifespan of the project. 

A highly experienced assurance reviewer helps to maintain consistency and alignment to support a successful project outcome.

As leaders in assurance best practice methodology, training and accreditation, Global Digital Assurance recognises the need for effective and efficient digital assurance to ensure the success of digital projects. 

Who is Global Digital Assurance?

Global Digital Assurance is the world’s best practice standard for assurance methods, models, tools and accredited reviewer training. This includes our best practice methods of Global Agile Assurance, Global Gateway Assurance and Digital Assurance Business Owner.

Global Digital Assurance was established to provide a modernised and holistic approach to professional assurance reviewer training and globally recognised accreditation.

Global Digital Assurance support individuals, assurance professionals and organisations by providing modernised assurance training courses aligned to best practice standards for agile and gated assurance.