Digital Age Assurance


The conventional gated assurance review method known as OGC Gateway, has been utilised in the United Kingdom since it was released in early 2000 and since adopted by other countries including Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands and Singapore. In Australia, the state of Victoria was the first jurisdiction to adopt the Gateway assurance method in 2003, with the Australian Commonwealth Government in 2006 and the New Zealand Government’s adoption in 2008.

By 2008, most government and jurisdictions globally, have been utilising a form of gated assurance. It is estimated that since 2003, that more than 10,000 gated reviews have been undertaken on over 4,000 programs and projects, across the Asia-Pacific. Over this period jurisdictions report that since the inception of formal gated assurance processes, it has improved:

  • on-time, on-budget program and project delivery objectives
  • cost effectiveness
  • positive feedback from SROs, project teams and reviewers


Over the last 20 years, governments and non-government organisations, have made significant inroads on their journey to modernise their services, whilst at the same time, citizen and customer expectations of governments and service delivery organisations have continued to increase significantly. Today, all organisations have been asked to deliver more outcomes, faster, better and for less. Organisations are meeting this challenge by adopting agile delivery and more agile ‘ways of working‘ approaches to transform their services and their operations.

However, current assurance practices have not responded to this fast paced, agile and customer centric environment. Feedback from modern SROs, assurance business units and PMO’s has consistently identified that the current gated assurance processes and assurance reviewer practices, have a number of shortcomings in the modern digital environment, more specifically:

  • current gated assurance practices do not compliment agile delivery environments
  • there does not presently exist a dedicated agile assurance method or reviewer practices
  • current gated assurance practices are not aligned to modern age, program and project delivery approaches
  • the original OGC Gateway method has not been updated since 2000 (with the OGC having been disbanded in 2011)
  • assurance reviewer certifications are uncontrolled and unmeasured, in terms of their currency


Through a recent private Australian based survey, 90% of program and project SROs agree that the recommendations provided through current gated assurance methods, noticeably improved program and project outcomes. With such a solid foundation well entrenched, there is an opportunity to leverage the current outdated gated methods and processes, and modernise it, by establishing a contemporary digital assurance review process standard that supports governments and organisations and their SROs, so as to successfully assure the delivery of their programs and projects, in a modern, agile, fast paced and customer centric environments.

Assurance for the Digital Age

Global Digital Assurance has reinvented the global standard for professional assurance accreditation, supported by innovative and on-demand training programs, specifically designed for modern assurance reviewers, governments and delivery organisations in the fast paced, customer centric and agile digital age.

A Focus on Agile

The Global Agile Digital Assurance program has introduced a training standard and accreditation that until now, has not been present nor available for agile delivered projects and their overarching digital programs. The agile focused assurance training courses and globally recognised accreditations, provide assurance reviewers with the skills, techniques, capabilities and best practice knowledge to confidently deliver agile assurance reviews, while organisations and governments have access to a talent pool of agile specific and accredited assurance review professionals.

Modernising Gated Assurance

The Global Gateway Assurance training and accreditation program incorporates over 6 countries, 19 agencies/jurisdictions and 16 bespoke assurance review methods, resulting in an updated, modernised and improved best practice training and accreditation program for gated assurance reviewers. This includes more holistic assurance gate guides, with targeted reviewer training materials, specifically developed for a modern digital world.

Formalising Accreditation

To support Global Digital Assurance accredited assurance reviewers, and the organisations they provide assurance to, we have introduced the annual CPD re-accreditation program for assurance professionals, along with an evidence based, bi-annual re-accreditation program for assurance master’s. The re-accreditation program ensures that assurance reviewers remain up to date with digital assurance best practices, while continuing to prove their assurance review capabilities and refreshing their assurance techniques, so as to maintain their Global Digital Assurance digital badge and accreditations.

Supporting Assurance Professionals

We just didn’t stop at user friendly, on-demand and highly cost effective training and accreditation programs. We provide accredited assurance reviewers (our members) with access to a wealth of agile, digital and assurance knowledge, continuous professional development opportunities and optional inclusion to securely make your pertinent reviewer experience information accessible to the government agencies who organise digital assurance reviews.

Accessible and Cost Effective Training

Until now, modern and on-demand assurance training and accreditation was unavailable to the assurance community. Organisations were unable to verify assurance credentials, and assurance professionals were unable to access cost effective and readily available assurance training, that recognised their assurance reviewer capabilities. Through 25 years of in-house experience and the contribution of industry leading assurance, agile, program and project professionals, Global Digital Assurance has delivered the world’s most comprehensive, on-demand assurance training courses and accreditations. Readily available through any internet enabled browser, delivered at a pace, time and place that suits you most. No more classrooms, no more costly downtime and no more waiting for sessions in your region, we have made assurance reviewer accreditation agile, fast and effective.

Accredited and Verified Reviewers

With the largest accredited assurance reviewer database currently available, Global Digital Assurance provides governments and approved organisations (our clients) with a simple, effective and a highly manageable solution for assurance reviewer selection and administration, via our ‘Assurance Reviewer Management System‘ (ARMS). With automated reviewer accreditation updates, real time alerts to changes, certified security and data protection and the ability to customise databases to meet statutory and regulatory requirements. The Global Digital Assurance client dashboards remove the need for expensive panel procurement and database administration, all whilst having no cost access to the world’s only database of accredited and annually verified agile and gated assurance review professionals.