Why professionals are seeking accreditation in gated digital assurance


The rapid rate of digital transformations in the last two decades has left many organisations playing catch up.  In many cases, assurance practices haven’t responded to fast paced, customer centric digital delivery systems. 

For this reason, many professionals working as program managers, PMO managers, risk professionals and product owners are seeking to gain additional accreditation in agile assurance. 

Benefits of digital assurance accreditation

Having this Global Agile Assurance Professional accreditation makes you an authority in the delivery of Agile Assurance Reviews (AARs) for digital projects. After you complete the accreditation you will continue to have unlimited access to: 

  • The Global Digital Assurance reviewer dashboard.
  • Non-repudiated Global Digital Assurance digital accreditation badges.
  • Option to make your pertinent reviewer experience information accessible to the government agencies who organise digital assurance reviews. 
  • The global assurance reviewer training.  

How to gain accreditation in gated digital assurance

At Global Digital Assurance we have developed gated digital assurance accreditation in partnership with leading government agencies and other industry recognised agile advocates. 

Our Global Agile Assurance Professional (GAAP) accreditation is the world’s first agile assurance accreditation and enables professionals to support their organisations and government agencies with the delivery of their digital transformations. 

Are there any prerequisites? 

As this is a foundation Global Agile Assurance accreditation course, there are no prerequisites. However, it’s helpful to have a basic understanding and familiarity with agile concepts, methods and processes as well as general project assurance knowledge and experience. 

What will you learn? 

The modules are based upon the Global Agile Assurance method and the course is endorsed by the Australian Institute of Project Management and recognised by leading governments, peak industry associations and service delivery organisations. 

In this course you will gain an understanding of: 

  • The principles and best practice methods for delivering agile assurance reviews. 
  • The differences between conventional assurance reviews and agile assurance reviews (AARs).
  • How to adopt agile working approaches when delivering agile assurance reviews – tools and techniques. 
  • How to deliver agile assurance reviews within high-delivery velocity environments.
  • How each project life-cycle assessment review point for assuring agile projects. 
  • How to lead and be part of an agile assurance review (AAR) team. 
  • How to assess and evaluate agile projects in low documentation environments. 
  • The roles and responsibilities of project participants, stakeholders and review teams in an agile project assurance review. 
  • How to manage challenges and conflicts that may arise during an agile assurance review. 

How is the course delivered? 

This is an online course that is delivered through our exclusive assurance reviewer management system (ARMS) training platform. It can be accessed and managed through any internet enabled device browser and can be completed in your own time. 

How much does the course cost? 

The course fee is AUD475.00 (plus GST), and AUD125 (plus GST) for annual re-accreditation.

This includes: 

  • Course access and registration. 
  • Global Agile Assurance Reviewer Guide.
  • 5 Global Agile Assurance Agile Assurance Review (AAR) guides.
  • Global Agile Assurance models.
  • 5 learning modules.
  • 32 self-guided lessons.
  • 30 progressive knowledge tests.
  • 1 final online examination.
  • Exclusive Global Agile assurance Professional digital badge global accreditation. 
  • Access to Global Digital Assurance reviewer dashboard. 

How to sign up for accreditation with Global Digital Assurance

It’s easy to sign up for our digital assurance accreditation, all you need to do is create an account, set up your profile, then access and choose your courses.