The growing demand for digital assurance professionals


The rapid uptake of the digital landscape is the driving force behind a growing demand for digital assurance professionals throughout private industries and governments.  We’re witnessing a burgeoning need for world-class digital assurance, so organisations can take a forward-thinking approach to safeguard the outcomes of key projects and decisions. 

What’s changed about digital transformation? 

In today’s environment, digital transformation is a necessity if an organisation is to remain agile and keep up with competition. With organisations adopting digital technology at a fast pace, quality assurance and user experience has come to the forefront, making it more important to assure the digital offerings of the organisation. 

Why is digital assurance a necessity? 

Behind all aspects of business and project management lies a growing digital landscape. Assuring this landscape isn’t always easy, but it’s necessary so you can: 

  • Optimise the full power of digitalisation and virtualisation. 
  • Meet the demands of consumers who require quality assurance. 
  • Reach project or business objectives. 
  • Improve the planning process. 
  • Improve allocation of  skills and resources.
  • Save time and costs. 
  • Pre-empt risk.
  • Create value. 
  • Increase confidence in the ability to meet project outcomes. 
  • Learn lessons by cultivating good practice techniques. 

In the past, rapid digital transformation has been identified as high risk, however in the last couple of years this fast pace of change has been inevitable as global lockdowns changed the way we live and work. 

Leaders of industry and governments see the potential of high inflation and government budget repair on the horizon, and it highlights the importance of digital assurance as we race to make digital transformations as effective and efficient as possible to secure the outcome of projects and programs. 

Built in mechanisms to find faults upfront

One of the major roles of digital assurance specialists is to assist in the planning stages to ensure there are built in mechanisms to find faults upfront.

It’s common for industry leaders to avoid painful realities until it’s too late to fix them.

This only highlights how important it is to have good practice project and program methodologies to make it easier to recognise risks and then deal with them if they materialise. 

5 reasons why independent assurance is key to successful digital transformation

  1. It’s the foundational plank to support organisations to achieve successful project or program outcomes. 
  2. It provides access to knowledge and provides an independent objective perspective that navigates oversights and biases. 
  3. It helps to give leaders a deeper understanding of their projects from all angles. 
  4. It assists leaders to make good decisions based on the evidence provided by the assurance professional. 
  5. Leaders are provided with well-validated, evidence based information to form the future of the project and any ongoing business. 

The Global Gateway Assurance and Global Agile Assurance 

These processes have been designed to provide independent guidance for organisations/business owners/senior responsible officials on how to ensure their digital transformations are successful. 

It aims to help organisations achieve their expected outcomes, while driving ROI, and ensuring all mechanisms are in place to pre-empt any risks during the transformation. 

Global Digital Assurance is the world’s best practice standard for assurance methods, models, tools and accredited reviewer training. This includes our best practice methods of Global Agile Assurance, Global Gateway Assurance and Digital Assurance Business Owner.

We’ve introduced digital assurance and testing to a variety of organisations, helping them assure their digital transformations and provide the best user experience. 

Global Digital Assurance was established to provide a modernised and holistic approach to professional assurance reviewer training and globally recognised accreditation.

Global Digital Assurance support individuals, assurance professionals and organisations by providing modernised assurance training courses aligned to best practice standards for agile and gated assurance.

Connect with us to learn more about how we can assure your digital transformation with our world-class digital assurance services.