Ensuring quality in a digital age: The vital role of digital assurance


Quality assurance has been around for many years. Still, with the expansion of the digital age, it has become increasingly important to ensure the quality and success of digital programs and projects.

Modern organisations need modern quality assurance.

With digital technology being the cornerstone of most new projects, digital assurance continues to play an important role in securing a successful outcome. 

Through digital assurance, program leaders can identify risks before they occur, minimise errors and improve decision-making at crucial stages of the project/program. It’s a critical tool for ensuring a program/project functions as intended and necessary goals are met. 

The role of digital assurance 

Digital assurance reviewers will manage the review process and quality from beginning to end, assessing all components of the project/program and implementing measures to identify areas that need improvement, or areas that pose a threat to the project’s success.

The key benefits of onboarding a quality digital assurance professional include: 

  • To pre-empt risk. Through a comprehensive review of the project/program, the digital assurance reviewer will identify any potential issues and implement corrective measures to minimise the chance of failure. A digital assurance reviewer has the knowledge and skills to help them identify any potential risks and ways to mitigate them.
  • Enable good decision-making. By assessing the project/program the digital assurance reviewer can give program/project leaders the information they need to make better, more informed decisions throughout each stage of the project based on the evidence provided.
  • Project confidence. To ensure a successful project outcome, the foundation must be strong. Digital assurance will ensure everything is in place and guide the project or program toward success. They will ensure all resources and skills are rightfully allocated and optimised during the project, giving leaders the confidence to meet all objectives.
  • Improve return on investment. No matter the project or program size, it’s vital to ensure your organisation gets the best return on investment. An assurance reviewer will take various steps to identify risks and minimise the chance of failure.
  • Avoid potential bias. With any project or program, there is the potential for bias from those involved. A digital assurance professional will give an independent perspective, avoiding any oversights or prejudices that could threaten the success of the project/program. 

Digital gated assurance – the process

Digital assurance professionals accredited through Global Digital Assurance understand there are four layers of defence when assuring the success of a digital project or program.

At each level a digital assurance reviewer will share their experience to provide independent assurance. 

LEVEL 1 – Throughout the first layer of defence the assurance reviewer will focus their energy on assessing the controls of time, cost, quality, benefits, scope and risk tolerances to mitigate and manage any risks that may threaten the project’s success. 

LEVEL 2 – The second layer of defence involves monitoring the controls used to assess the performance of the project or program. An assurance professional will monitor the project/program as it progresses to ensure it’s on track to meet program/project outcomes. If mistakes materialise, the reviewer will take the necessary steps to remedy the problem. 

LEVEL 3 – This layer of defence is the gateway assurance process. At key decision points throughout the project or program, lifecycle assurance is performed to reduce the chance of failure and promote conditions conducive to success. 

LEVEL 4 – An audit is conducted to provide a retrospective and independent examination after the project or program. Evaluating the program/project aims to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the organisation’s risk management, control and governance processes for future projects. 

Digital assurance accreditation with Global Digital Assurance 

Digital assurance plays a vital role in modern organisations. With digital assurance program or project leaders can minimise the risks involved in implementing new technology, ensure skill and resources are being efficiently allocated and ensure organisations get the best return on investment. 

At Global Digital Assurance, we provide training and accreditation for professionals to gain the skills and knowledge they need to successfully ensure your organisation’s next digital transformation or digital program/project. Ready to invest in your future projects with quality digital assurance? Sign up for an account and connect with Global Digital Assurance today.